Allante Keeshond

Allante Keeshonden was born around 27 years ago when Jeri Caldwell first became acquainted with the beautiful happy Keeshond. Today I have 51 Champions to my credit including Hall of Fame Dogs, Register Of Merit Excellent (producing award) and a Best In Show! Allante Kees is well known for the temperaments and "brains" of the dogs born here and have many dogs that are titled in Obedience and Agility, one of my girls is the second in the history of the breed to be awarded the Versatility title with her Championship along with her performance titles in Obedience, Agility and Tracking. Keeshonds in my line have all been "stamped" with the Allante look and are easily recognized anywhere in the country.

Jeri lives in the Wanamaker community of Indianapolis, Indiana. Jeri wrote for the AKC Gazette as the Keeshond Club of America columnist for 12 years. She has also been a contributor to two of the Keeshond Breed magazines with dozens of articles. She is a member in good standing with the Keeshond Club of America and has been proudly awarded the AKC title of Breeder of Merit. Jeri is a professional groomer by trade, owns her own salon and teaches grooming at the academy.

I believe that the Keeshond does best when they are raised as part of the family and all of my dogs are housedogs. Because of the love and companionship given to the dogs as they grow, I believe they are wonderful housedogs and have the personalities of champions! My puppies are raised indoors, underfoot so that their socialization starts at birth. I also have an African Grey parrot that are in the "mix" and the puppies are raised with him. In fact, Biscuit the parrot, calls all our dogs by name and is always asking them "do you want to go out?"

I believe my success in the breed does not only show through my careful selection of only the best conformation dogs I keep and test for hereditary health problems, but my understanding of good temperaments and training. My dogs have been recognized for years for their "showy" personality that is truly Allante.

Please enjoy the photos of the Champions, and performance dogs and feel free to contact me for more information regarding the wonderful Keeshond!

Allante Keeshond

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